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Do you have a party with less than 100 people? Try out our smaller and affordable yacht, the Festiva.

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NY Boat's Chef and cuisine

NY Boat Cuisine

NY Boat offers cuisine a step above the competition. The quality of the food and its presentation is an essential part of an unforgettable event.

NY Boat is proud of our chef, Michael Madigan, who is one of the four finalists in the TV show Chopped on the Food Network!

Our Chef - Michael Madigan

chef Michael Madigan

Michael Madigan is a third generation chef, second to attend the CIA and a master at his craft. His experience culminates from two decades as a Chef In Europe, Asia, Micronesia, The Carribean, Pacific Islands and the USA at some of the finest Hotels and Resorts in the world.

Michael graduated in 1992 from the Hyde Park campus where he left and went to work for the Rockefellers in the British Virgin Islands. His experience earned as a third generation chef and second generation to attend the world renowned Culinary Institute of America will show in our work.