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Boat and Yacht - Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have similar questions, so we've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers which we hope are helpful.

How do we begin?
Reading these Q&A's is great! We have set up our website like a virtual brochure to guide you. The more you can describe yourself, your function, and your needs - the more easily we can serve you.

What is the environment aboard the Royal Princess?
We like to think of the environment as elegant and fun, with excellent service and cuisine. By nature, being on a yacht in New York Harbor is relaxing, unique, and unforgettable.

How much does it cost to charter the Royal Princess?
Before we can give you a price, we ask the questions "How many people are you expecting? Do you want to go out of New York or New Jersey? What port? Daytime or evening? What night of the week? What type of menu and bar are you looking for? Are you tax exempt?" This way, we can price it accordingly. We often email proposals with ALL the relevant fees so you know exactly what the bottom line is. Many people want to know "How much per person?". We like to be specific with pricing because we need to meet certain minimums. Please call or email for a quote. We do have sample package pricing breakdowns. See under each package.

In general, for guest counts below 125, we price a la carte with the charter fee of $1,300 per hour plus menu (ranging from $35 - $65pp) and bar which is on a per person basis. We do have minimum income requirements.

Do you have package pricing?
If you have close to 125 people, we have package pricing ranging from $75pp - $105pp which includes a 3-hour cruise, Beer, Wine, Soda and Juice bar (with open bar upgrade @ $15pp), one of our buffet menus and DJ/Karaoke entertainment. In addition, there is a 20% crew employment fee, dockage and tax.

What is included?
Captain, crew, waitstaff, bartenders, CreamLinens, china, utensils, house centerpieces, House DJ and Karaoke are included in packages or as a separate a la carte pricing, menu, bar.

What kind of food is served?
We have onboard chefs that prepare menus for your charter!

How many people are comfortable on the yacht?
Royal Princess is certified for 242 passengers. We can seat a maximum of 175 downstairs for dinner.. One thing to remember- people don't like to sit for very long on the yacht. Instead, people will utilize the whole space, talking, enjoying the views, dancing etc. The experience is totally different from a traditional catering hall, though we can maintain certain traditions if we're hosting a wedding or more formal event.

Can we bring on our own Caterer?
Here's the thing. Royal Princess, like a restaurant, earns income not only from the charter fee but also from Menu and Bar. We do not allow you to bring on your own alcohol because of liquor license laws. We have a fabulous chef who is flexible. It's better to take a menu package and add specialty dishes. If you are Kosher, you would still need to meet our minimum income to utilize the space but we would include a DJ (or use of sound/light equipment) and a limited bar.

How long do the charters last?
Minimum sailing is 3 hours. We give you 1/2 hour prior to your cruising time to board and 1/2 hour to disembark.

Are cruising times set in stone?
No. Since Royal Princess is for private charter, you control the boarding and sailing times. Usually, weeknight cruises are 3-hours and weekend cruises are 4-hours, but this is not set in stone. We like to end daytime charters by 4pm and evening charters begin after 5pm.

Describe the flow?
When people board, we have a beautiful stationary display of hors d'eouvres and the bars are open We give you 30 minute boarding period, but we don't leave the dock until you tell us. If we have passed hors d'eouvres, we begin passing them once the yacht embarks. The cocktail hour takes place while we're cruising. People are mingling and enjoying the views. Then, after an hour, we make an announcement that dinner is served, or the buffet is open. Dinner usually lasts about 45 minutes. Afterwards, people get up and continue to walk around or dance and sing if the mood warrants it. If it's an evening charter, this all takes place while the sun begins to set and the lights of Manhattan slowly begin to glow.

Where does Royal Princess cruise?
We cruise down the Hudson River, around Battery Park, up the East River under the Bridges, to the Statue of Liberty and back, You will see the magical New York skyline including the Empire State Building, Intrepid Sea- Air Space museum, the Brooklyn Bridge, South Street Seaport and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge -- the second-longest single-span suspension bridge in the world. Of course, the highlight of our cruise is the Statue of Liberty, one of the most celebrated landmarks in the world.

How early can I arrive to set up for my cruise?
We allow vendors to come onboard for set up two hours before guests arrive. For weddings, we must limit the number of guests to 4 for set up because it interferes with our staff trying to set up. If we're picking up at a port other than our home port, vendors must board and set up at the home port prior to the time the yacht leaves for pickup.

What ports do you leave from?
Royal Princess is berthed at Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club in Weehawken, NJ.. We can pickup at other locations.

How do I reserve and secure a date?
To secure a date, we send you a contract and require a $5,000.00 non-refundable deposit.

Do you take Credit Cards?
Only for deposits. We accept checks or wire transfers for balances and funds must be cleared before the charter. All prices reflect a 3% discount if not paying by credit card.

What number should I call for information and to make reservations?
NY (212)496-8625 or Call Toll Free at (877)UR-YACHT

How far in advance should I make reservations?
You are competing with every bride who wants her wedding on a Saturday night. If you're planning for a large group, call us as soon as possible. A few months will make it easier to accommodate all of your preferences.

Do you have DJ entertainment, flowers, Mock Casino, etc?
Yes, we have fabulous house DJays who will honor your music choices. Music is very important to set the mood of the charter, especially for weddings. This is a one stop shopping center. We can help you with Flowers, Photography, Mock Casino Gambling, Caricaturists, Tarot Readers etc.

Can we get married on Royal Princess?
Of course! If it’s nice weather, we host ceremonies outside on the top deck! Or, we set up the dance floor area with two rows of chairs. People board and we hold the ceremonies dockside in the beginning of the charter so the focus is on the bride and groom. We also have wedding package which are on the website..

Is parking available?
Some marinas are better equipped with parking than others. Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club has free parking and a nice Sheraton Suites within walking distance to the marina!

Do you sail in foul weather?
Absolutely. Royal Princess is climate-controlled for your comfort. We sail -- rain or shine -- year round (except January, February, and most of March.

Will I get seasick?
It's unlikely, though some people are more sensitive. Royal Princess is a very large yacht, and she operates in New York Harbor, on the Hudson River and the East River, which are all very calm bodies of water. You may feel a slight rockiness at the dock and near the World Trade Center where currents come together, which is why we usually don't serve dinner until we've rounded the corner to the East River where it's more protected. If you are prone to motion-sickness it is suggested to bring motion-sickness precautions, such as motion-sickness wristbands.

What is your smoking policy?
Smoking is permitted on the outer decks only.