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MENUS WITH CHARTER FEES (minimums on food/bar apply)

Gourmet Picnic: $40pp Light Fare cocktail: $50pp King's Court: $70pp
Marquis: $50pp Grand Duke: $60pp
Menu Upgrades Sit-down upgrade $10pp

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Light Fare cocktail Menu aboard Royal Princess

Elaborate Stationary Appetizer Display
Julienned Vegetable and Assorted Dipping Sauces (inclusive)
Gourmet Cheese Board with Flat Breads, Crackers, Seasonal Fruits
Charcuterie Board Marinated Assorted Italian Dried Meats, Olives, Seasoned
Artichoke Hearts, Baba Ganoush with Toasted Nan

Total of Butlered Eight Hors D'oeuvres
To Be Passed: (for 1 ½ hours)

Butlered Hors D'oeuvres A: (4)
Petite Quiche in Phyllo Crust (Florentine and Lorraine)
Miniature Mexican Tapas – a variety served with peach mango salsa
Petite Gourmet Franks in Warm Crescent Rolls
Handmade Miniature Nachos a la Grande Rio
Fried Mozzarella Bites
Crispy Chicken Egg Rolls
Miniature Pizzas
Roasted Baby Bella Mushroom Caps stuffed with mushroom and mozzarella
Spicy Buffalo Wings with chunky bleu cheese dip
Sweet and Tangy Honey-Barbeque Wings

Butlered Hors D'oeuvres B: (2)
Itty Bitty Gourmet Cheeseburgers
Smoked Salmon Mousse on Cucumber with Mint and Crème Fraiche
Crispy Potato Latkes with Sour Cream and Chive
Smoked Salmon on Iranian Lavash
Asparagus Rollup (Puff Dough)
Brie w/Honey Mustard & Walnuts in Filo Cups
Brie with Cranberry & Almonds in Filo
Chicken Teriyaki Strips with spicy peanut dipping sauce

Butlered Hors D'oeuvres C: (2)
Oven Baked Clams Oreganata
Bangkok Style Coconut Shrimp with a Tamarind and Mint Dipping Sauce
Asparagus and Norwegian Smoked Salmon Wraps
Tortellini and Gaetian Olive Brochette
Beef and Mushroom en Croute
Lobster Salad-Filled Celery Sticks
Chipotle & Lime Beef w/Roasted Pepper Quesadilla Stuffed w/Manchego Cheese
Rosemary Scented Crostad, Goat Cheese Mousse & Cherry Tomato
Thai Style Beef Sate with Peanut and Ginger Aioli
Wild Mushroom Crepe with Truffle oil

GOURMET PASTA STATION with choice of 2 prepared pastas

Dessert, Coffee, Tea Station with Assorted Cookies or Brownies

Upgraded Stations Recommended To Embellish Cocktail Event