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MENUS WITH CHARTER FEES (minimums on food/bar apply)

Gourmet Picnic: $40pp Light Fare cocktail: $50pp King's Court: $70pp
Marquis: $50pp Grand Duke: $60pp
Menu Upgrades Sit-down upgrade $10pp

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Gourmet Picnic Menu aboard Royal Princess

Elaborate Stationary Appetizer Display (1)
Julienned Vegetable and Assorted Dipping Sauces
Gourmet Cheese Board with Flat Breads, Crackers, Seasonal Fruits

Garden Fresh Salad (1)
Mixed Baby Greens w/sides of cherry tomatoes, bacon bits, spiced almonds, croutons, choice of two dressings
Classic Caesar Salad of cut romaine lettuce with sides of grated Romano cheese, croutons, anchovies, and Caesar dressing
Waldorf Salad - apples, celery, onion, walnuts, dried cherries, & cranberry mayonnaise dressing
Baby Spinach Salad w/sides of croutons, bacon bits, crumbled hard-boiled egg, red onion, and honey-balsamic dressing
Tri-Color Salad of radicchio, iceberg, and endive lettuce with pears, spiced almonds, and gorgonzola

Cold, Fresh Deli Salads (2)
Italian Pasta Salad with marinated artichokes, roasted peppers, marinated mushrooms, and romano cheese with an oil and vinegar dressing
Traditional elbow macaroni salad w/mayonnaise dressing
Moroccan Couscous Salad w/raisins & almonds
Traditional Egg Salad
Classic Mayonnaise and Egg, Red-skin or German-style Potato Salad
Grape tomato and Mozzarella Bocaccini salad with olive oil and fresh basil
Fresh-made bowtie pasta with basil pesto and pignoli nuts

Gourmet Sandwiches (3)
Sliced Honey Turkey w/Swiss Cheese & Bacon on pumpernickel bread
Grilled Chicken w/artichoke pesto & mixed greens on a Kaiser roll
Baby Spinach, roasted peppers, and provolone cheese on Italian bread with oil and vinegar
Roasted seasonal vegetables on Italian bread
Roast Portobello Mushroom Cap with goat cheese and arugula on ciabatta bread
Roast Beef w/tomato, arugula, and horseradish sauce on egg twist rolls
Traditional East-coast Sloppy Joe - Triple Decker of corned beef, turkey, & roast beef with coleslaw and sliced pickles on rye and pumpernickel bread.
Pastrami or Corned Beef Reuben on rye bread w/sauerkraut, swiss cheese, & thousand island dressing

OR Six Foot Sub Sandwiches (2)
Italian Virginia ham, Genoa salami, provolone cheese, shredded iceberg, tomato, oil and red wine vinegar, oregano, and salt and pepper
Turkey Honey-roasted turkey, swiss cheese, mixed greens, bacon bits, and mayonnaise
Roasted Veggie Seasoned, roasted vegetables with fresh mozzarella, arugula, and olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Hand-carved, fresh-roasted meat platters
Made fresh on board, and served cold, (Substituted for one sandwich choice)
Cold Roast Turkey Breast platter w/cranberry-orange mayonnaise
Cold Roast beef platter w/horseradish mayonnaise
Cold poached salmon and cucumber platter

Kid's Gourmet Deli Sandwich Options Tuna Salad & potato chips on potato bread
Organic Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly on Wonder or Soft Wheat
German-style Beef Bologna and American Cheese with mayonnaise on country white bread

Dessert: Assorted Cookies